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At Qualitree Services Ltd (QTS) pruning is our main service and is generally the most common type of tree surgery. QTS Arborists are trained in arboriculture and experienced at these techniques. The trimming of a tree or shrub can have many benefits to the tree’s health as well as managing their existence amongst houses and roads etc.

Your free QTS quotation will advise on the best technique and time of year to cut your tree(s) in line with tree surgery guidelines set out in BS3998:1989. Whilst the dormant period (usually winter time) is optimum for most varieties it’s not always essential and will be assessed on a tree by tree basis.

Crown Thinning

This technique involves removing live branches to reduce the overall density of the crown. This has health benefits for the tree such as giving the sail more movement which in turn can reduce storm damage. 

Crown Reduction

This is a technique used to reduce the overall size of a tree’s crown and is usually expressed as a percentage (such as a 25% crown reduction). The cuts will follow the natural shape of the tree leaving it healthy and well balanced. Reasons for this process include allowing more light into a garden, reducing the size to fit surroundings and to promote future health.

Crown Lift

This process involves removing the lower branches of a tree to lift the canopy to an agreed height. This allows useful space underneath the tree and stops the branches touching the ground and becoming damaged. This technique is most useful where the tree is near a car park or walkway.


This technique involves removing deadwood from a tree as well as broken and crossed limbs. It usually gives a minimal change to the appearance of the canopy from the ground. The purpose is to avoid the potential health and safety risk of falling branches and to improve the structure and overall health of the tree.

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